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Blackboard Resources For Instructors

This site is a centralized repository that includes tips, resources and links to valuable information to help you get started designing your Blackboard courses. This site will be updated periodically with new information.

Steps to Complete for Continuing Ed Instructors


  1. Provide Instructor with their seven digit staff ID number. This ID can be obtained from a printed contract or by using the RGPE mnemonic in Colleague. The Instructor will need this information to log-in to Active Directory, Blackboard, and their email.
  2. Provide the Instructor with the Student ID Numbers for students enrolled in the Continuing Ed class. The Instructor will need this information to assists students logging into Blackboard and Office 365. These ID Numbers can be obtained by running the SROS mnemonic in Colleague. Make sure, when running SROS, that you key "ID" beside SSN or ID field and key the Section Number of the class beside the Sections field. **Please note: it is strongly recommended that BCCC Instructors use BCCC Office 365 email when corresponding with students in Blackboard classes.
  3. Each BCCC Instructor wishing to use Blackboard as a teaching tool is required to attend a two (2) hour training with Tricia Woolard, Blackboard Administrator.  Please assist your Instructor with contacting Tricia Woolard and setting up a time for the training.  This training is mandatory and all Instructors must complete prior to utilizing the Blackboard learning management system.
  4. Complete the Continuing Education Blackboard Submission Form.  You will need to reference the CE Course Sections by Term report that is emailed out each Friday for the Unique Section Id Number. Three items make up the Unique Section Id Number for a class. 
    Section Course Name--Id Number--Section Term.  
    Example:  EMS-3000BAP-20030-2015CE1

  5. Submit the Continuing Education Blackboard Submission Form to the Blackboard Administrator. Place a printed copy in the Continuing Education Class Folder for documentation purposes.


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