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Digital Media at BCCC

In order for the College to remain relevant, to foster innovation, and to teach with 21st Century skills in mind, we must adhere to appropriate guidelines to encourage the use of emerging technology.


Tricia Woolard
Coordinator of Educational Media Graphic Services
Blackboard Administrator
Office: Building 5, Lower level, Room 6

Digital Media Guidelines For Faculty/Staff

BCCC recognizes the importance of using technology to enhance and support instruction. In order for the College to remain relevant, to foster innovation, and to teach with 21st Century skills in mind, we must adhere to appropriate guidelines to encourage the use of emerging technology. Digital publications must support the mission of the college and be consistent with printed policies, procedures, and guidelines.

Please contact Tricia Woolard to schedule video recordings, Mediasite lecture capturing and streaming media.

FAQ For Streaming Server

What is Streaming Media? Streaming is a technology for playing audio and video files from a Web page, without having to wait for files to download. Links to streaming media can be included in your Blackboard course pages, or on any website. Any audio or video file bigger than a few MB in size is suitable for streaming.

What method of delivery of files is excepted?  SD digital card or flash drive preferred.

What do I need to record my lectures?
You may check out a Digital Voice Recorder from the Media Center. You will also need to check-out a microphone. This recorder has a built in USB flash drive so you can save the recording directly to your computer and send it to Coordinator of media Services for publishing to the media server. You may also record directly to the computer by using a microphone plugged into the mic. jack. There are several software programs available for editing and transferring your media files.

Audacity (free)  & Lame MP3 Encoder (free) - Audio only
Camtasia - Used for Audio and screenshots
Avid - Available in the Media Center - Used for video

MediaSite - Contact Media Coordinator to reserve time.

What is the best file type supported on the media server?
Media files must be saved using the .wmv extension for video or .wma extension for audio
Windows Media Player is required to listen or view most media files.

How do I link my lecture to the media server?
Once you have created your media you have to submit the file and a submission form to the Media Coordinator for publication. Once the media is published the Media Coordinator will email you the link you need to place in your Blackboard course.

How do I place the Media link in my Blackboard Course?
1. Go to your Blackboard course:
2. Go to the Control Panel and click on the link where you want to place the URL. (Assignments, Course Doc etc.)
3. Give it a name in the "Name box".

3. If there are any other instructions you want to include type them in the text box. It might be helpful to type a description of what the media file contains for later reference.

4. In the text box, highlight the course media filename that you typed and click on the link button for audio or video in the "text box toolbar" and enter the URL supplied to you from the Media Coordinator. Select the "Open in New Window" option and then click submit. Your link will show up in Blackboard.

5. When a student clicks on the link they will be taken to the Media Server page and they will need to locate and click on the desired link to view or listen to your course material.

Can copyrighted material be streamed? If you or the college do not hold the copyright for the material, you must provide evidence of permission to encode/stream material from the copyright holder. See BCCC Copyright Guidelines. The videos that are accompanied by the text book are copyrighted unless otherwise noted. Therefore, an formal letter must be sent to the publisher to request to stream the media. The publisher will mail a letter back with an approval or denial of your request. If an approval letter is provided, then you may stream the media content.

How can I place a Creative Commons license on my work? Creative Commons is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to making it easier for people to share and build upon the work of others, consistent with the rules of copyright.They provide free licenses and other legal tools to mark creative work with the freedom the creator wants it to carry, so others can share, remix, use commercially, or any combination thereof.

Contact Tricia Woolard for technical problems at 252-940-6312.
Media Center, Bldg. 5, Lower level, Room 6

Photo Release Information

By submitting a photo to Beaufort County Community College, the submitter grants to BCCC and its representatives a non-exlucsive, royalty-free, worldwide license to reproduce and distribute the submitted work as part of promotional materials created by and for BCCC. This license allows BCCC to incorporate the submitted materials, at its discretion, into promotional texts, videos and other formats. By making this submission, the submitter represents and warrants that the submitted materials are original. The submitter futher agrees to indemnify and hold harmless BCCC and its representatives from any costs, damages, losses and expenses incurred  by BCCC as a result of any third party claim, suit, judgement, settlement or cause of action alleging the infringement, violation or misappropriation of any intellectural property right or alleging libel, slander or defamation related to the social media content.