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Welcome to the Beaufort County Community College Distance Learning Resource Page

Blackboard Login Page For Students

Blackboard Log-in

Log-in Process


Username: first name + middle initial + last 4 digits of your student ID.
*Student IDs appear on admission letters, registration statements, ID cards, grade reports and transcripts.

Example: For John Q. Public,  user ID 123456, the Username would be johnq3456

*NOTE: If you cannot successfully login using the method above try dropping your middle initial and just use your first name + last 4 digits of your student ID. Your Blackboard username does not include the

Password: last six digits of your social security #. 

*If your last 6 digits of your SS# starts with a zero drop the 0 and just use the last 5 numbers.

You will not be able to login to Blackboard until the first day of class.

For Blackboard issues go to the Blackboard 24/7 Helpdesk. Or contact Tricia Woolard  at or Penny Sermons at

If you are having problems logging into the BCCC Network or Student Email contact Whiting Toler at