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Getting Started with Blackboard For Students

First Steps For Students

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Usernames have changed. See Blackboard login page for new username.


  • Information for your course will be found within the instructors' welcome message and under the Syllabus/Course Info button in Blackboard.
  • Your class syllabus is your guide to your class. It includes the information you will need to complete the course successfully. Read it thoroughly, even if you have taken multiple courses with the same instructor. Make note of any dues dates or special information.
  • Online students only must complete the Introductory Assignment located in each of your Blackboard courses (Section numbers 20-29) you are enrolled in. This assignment must be completed by the due date or you will be withdrawn from the course. Hybrid and Web-enhanced classes do not have to complete the Introductory Assignment unless your instructor requires you to.
  • Check-in to your course on a regular basis. Make sure you know what is happening! Check your student email as well.
  • Keep up with your weekly readings in the textbooks and online.
  • Complete your assignments and group work on time.
  • Let your instructor know right away if you have questions about your lectures, readings, assignments, discussions, etc. so that you can get help right away!! You can email your instructor directly from Blackboard under the Tools button.
  • Contact technical support as soon as possible if you have trouble with the Blackboard site while the course is running. If you do not tell anyone you are having problems, no one can help.
  • Attend a Blackboard orientation session or watch the BB Student Orientation video.

Third Party Websites

Some of your classes may require you to access outside third party publisher's websites to log in and complete the course. If you are having trouble logging into the publisher's website contact the publisher's 1-800-number or Helpdesk. You may also have to contact your instructor for additional help.

Below is a list of third-party publishers:

Aplia - Tech Support Hotline:1-800-990-8211, for additional student support, please view the following webpage:
Register your product:


Entering Your Email Address in Blackboard

Once you have logged into Blackboard it is important that you enter your correct email address so that you can communicate with your instructor and classmates.

In Blackboard go to the top right of the screen then click on the dropdown arrow and select settings at the very bottom. Click on Personal Information, Click on Edit Personal Information then Edit Personal Information. Check your email address for accuracy. Change if not correct. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the submit button after you have made a change. You will need to submit this information anytime you change email accounts.

Refer to Student Email to learn how to access your BCCC student email account and find out what your physical email address is.

You may email your instructor by clicking on Contacts from your Blackboard course. Contact your instructor if you encounter any problems navigating the course or need clarification on assigned questions or class expectations. Communication with your instructor is very important in succeeding with your online class. DO NOT WAIT FOR THE INSTRUCTOR TO CONTACT YOU.

What Type of Blackboard Course Am I Enrolled In?

  •  Blackboard - this is the campus-wide learning management software used for all classes.
  •  Hybrid - Section 40 classes. The primary delivery is on-line with a requirement that the students also meet in traditional face-to-face sessions as determined appropriate by the college.
  •  Online Courses - Section 20 classes. 100% of the instruction is delivered through the Internet, except on-campus testing may be required for some courses.
  •  Web Enhanced - instructors and students meet face-to-face. Blackboard may be used for posting assignments, grades, quizzes and syllabi. Internet access is required.

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