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Material Selection

The BCCC Library values our collaborative relationship with faculty when it comes to collection development. Your input as faculty helps us develop a collection of books that is valuable, varied and representative of BCCC’s programs and interests. Please see our Collection Development Policy in the Policy manual below for more information.

Book and Material Order Form  Use this form to request books for library purchase.


Weeding Process

Weeding, or deselecting of library materials is the process of discarding items of all formats that are obsolete, unnecessary duplicates, rarely used, or damaged. This process is essential for the maintenance of a current, academically useful library collection. Librarians are responsible for conducting an ongoing effort.

Faculty and department members are regularly consulted when specific items are recommended for deselection.

 Materials deemed by the Director of LRC with the aid of other librarians, faculty, and/or staff members in their area of expertise to be unnecessary or superfluous are withdrawn.


Criteria to Consider for Weeding:

  • Value to the collection
  • Physical condition
  • Duplication
  • Coverage of subject by other materials
  • Age or obsolescence
  • Use and/or frequency of use
  • Periodicals which are not indexed

 Criteria to Consider for Replacement of Weeded Materials:

  • Support of the curriculum
  • Copyright date
  • Frequency of use
  • Format or version of material