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How Do I Take A Proctored Test?

BCCC offers test proctoring in the library. Distance learning instructors may require testing in a monitored environment and will notify their students if this is the preferred method of testing. To take a proctored test at BCCC, students should follow these guidelines:

  • There is a $20 (twenty dollar) per student per semester service fee for all-non- BCCC students. (Must be currently enrolled)
  • The student is responsible for calling or emailing the library staff to set up a test appointment.
  • An appointment must be made 2 business days prior to taking the exam.
  • A photo ID is required.  Testing will not be done without it.
  • Students must adhere to the rules set forth by the instructor regarding notes, calculators, etc.
  • Students must sign the BCCC Library Proctored Test Agreement.
  • Students must begin testing at least 2 hours prior to closing time.
  • All testing stops 15 minutes before the posted closing time.
  • Staff reserves the right to limit proctoring on heavily scheduled days-do not wait until the last day to test-room may not be available.

Distance learning students from colleges outside of North Carolina are responsible for arranging for their proctored tests.


Contact Paula Hopper at 252-940-6243 for assistance.