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Programs & Events

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*5 ITEMS FOR $1 (unless marked otherwise)*


Annual Programs:

Black History Month Event (February)

Student Art Exhibition (Spring & Fall)

National Library Week Event (April)

Poetry Month Event (April)

Halloween 31-Word Short Story Contest (October)

Santa Paws (December) 

De-Stress Fest (May & December)


Kahoot: Black History Month Trivia (2021, 2022); Librarianship Trivia (April 2021)

Padlet: Poetry Month Event (2021, 2022, 2023), Halloween Short Story Event (2021, 2022)


Hoopla Programs:

Hoopla for the Holidays (12/2019)

Hispanic Heritage Month (Films, 9/2020)

The Bear (Book Club, 9/15/2020)

Where Soldiers Come From (Film, 11/18/2020)

MLK Films (1/2021)

RBG (Film, 3/10/2021)

And Still I Rise (Film, 3/17/2021)

Forward Motion (Film, 3/24/2021)

Libertie (Book Club, 5/11/2021)

Written in Bone (Book Club, 11/10 - 12/14 2021)


Community Voices Programs:

Roy Armstrong (founder, Life on the Pamlico, BCCC publication) Life on the Pamlico Launch (August 2017)

Shanon Shuler-Gaskins Nature, Wildlife Photography (September 2017)

Farm to Table Cooks and Cooking (November 2017)

Growers and Restaurateurs (December 2017)

Writer’s Read (January 2018)

Local Writers Poetry and Fiction (February 2018)

Professor/Author Book and Research (March 2018)

Local Businessman/Artist Display and Discussion (May 2018)

Author Talk: Jason Miller- Origins of the Dream: Hughes' Poetry and King's Rhetoric (2/2019 *also for Black History Month*)  

Trash or Treasure? Antiques Evaluation Fair (3/20/2019)

Church Cuisine (9/24/2019)

Steve Orr Photography Exhibit (10/2019) and Talk (11/5/2019)

BBQ Exhibit (November 2019 - January 2020) and Local Legends BBQ Event (1/30/2020)

Coping with COVID Series:

-Ayurveda with Dr. George Nemecz, Ph.D. CAy (12/15/2020)

-COVID Myth Busting with Cindy Edwards (1/26/2021)

-Yoga with Lily Roberson-Jones (2/17/2021)

-Self-Compassion During COVID with Sandra Windham, Licensed Psychological Associate (4/27/2021)

Book Signing Event: Michael Bowen "The Viewfinder" (7/14/2022)

History, Mystery, & Art Series:

-Ed Hodges: The Tuscarora War and Bath County (9/29/2022)

-Tom Grubb: Mystery of Art - Flights of Discovery (10/27/2022)

-Chris Campbell: Mystery of Music (12/1/2022)

-Suzanne Stotesbury: Confounding Circumstances of Some World Famous Authors (3/23/2023)

-Dr. Robert Sands: Community Gardens (4/20/2023)

Beaufort Abroad: Crossing Boundaries, Expanding Community Series:

-Tom Grubb: Adventures in Russia, Siberia, and Uzbekistan (10/11/2023)

-Ana Jiminez-Leary: Spain & Spanish Culture (11/15/2023)

-Ben Deck: Greece & Greek Culture (12/5/2023)


Other Programs:

BCCC’s 50th Anniversary Celebration with Life on the Pamlico & the BCCC Library (8/22/2017)

Author Talk: Jonathan Clayborne- Ten Dollars & a Zippo: Poems & Photos (4/12/2019)

Creative Writing Contest (11/2019)

Santa's Mailbox (12/8 - 12/18 2020)

Controversy in the Stacks (Scavenger Hunt, Banned Books Week - 9/2021)

Black History Month Image Quiz (2/2022)

National Library Week: Exploring the Virtual Library: Library Website Scavenger Hunt (4/4/2022)

National Library Week: #BCCCBOOKBOOGIE: Social Media Challenge (4/5/2022) 

National Library Week: Blind Date with a Book Trivia (4/6/2022)

BCCC Library and BCECHS hosted the Regional Battle of the Books Challenge (4/12/2022)

Halloween Hogwarts Escape Room (10/27 - 10/31 2022)

Anti-Valentine's Day (2/14/2023)

BCCC Library and BCS hosted the Local Battle of the Books Challenge: Middle Schools & High Schools (3/16), Elementary Schools (3/17/2023)

"How Lucky Are You?": St. Patrick's Day Library Treasure Hunt (3/17/2023)

The Gully Review (BCCC Writing Club)


Editorial Note

The second edition of The Gully Review has been the result of a vision by students and faculty who desire to provide a place for students to express themselves creatively through the written word. The journal is evolving in its infancy, yet the final results of this joint publication of the Write On! Creative Writing Club and the College English Department illustrate many of the diverse voices of the students at Beaufort County Community College. This journal has been an extensive collaborative effort between students and faculty. The students, our producers of content, worked for months to compose and revise works for submission to the journal. The process continued as faculty and students of the creative writing club created an editorial board to review each work in detail and provide editorial feedback for the submissions.

The faculty editorial staff would like to particularly thank student R. Clipperton for their many contributions to the writing club and the development of this literary journal. They have dedicated significant time and effort into leading the club while also managing a significant amount of the student editorial duties for this edition. They are committed to their craft, and their leadership of the campus creative writing club illustrates the tenacity and exuberance that make each of us excited to spend our time working in the creative sphere. 

Contained within these pages are poetry and short stories each composed by a student who hopes you will find meaning and significance from their writing. We are proud of our students for their contributions to this journal, some of whom are having their works published for the first time and others who have returned from our inaugural year with new contributions. We welcome you to enjoy their works contained here within the second edition of The Gully Review.

© 2024 Beaufort County Community College

Editorial Note

This inaugural issue of The Gully Review is the culmination of efforts on Beaufort County Community College’s campus: eager creative writing students, hardworking college faculty, and supportive administrators made this literary journal possible. A long-time goal of the English department and Write On! Creative Writing Club has been to offer a publication for students’ creative work, so when a perfect combination of desire and timing arose, we acted on the confluence. This year, we accepted works from students currently attending BCCC. Our editorial staff and writing club members met with students to refine their works before submission; the writing club also provided input on pivotal decisions during the journal’s development such as the decision to name BCCC’s publication after our seagull mascot, Gully. It is our mission to encourage and guide the artistic talents of our students and help them develop their diverse voices. For most of the writers contained within, this publication will be their first. We are exceedingly proud of our students and happy to welcome readers to experience the voices within The Gully Review.

© 2023 Beaufort County Community College

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