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Library Research and Information Literacy: Library Resources

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LibGuides (course guides, research guides) are librarian curated websites - usually devoted to a specific subject or discipline - featuring library resources and instructional content. LibGuides, used as a learning tool, are intended for faculty, students, and other researchers.

Journals (Periodicals) and Scholarly Articles

Journals are discipline-based periodicals which publish scholarly articles.

Each database houses a variety of journals.

Scholarly articles are housed within the various journal publications.

This type of literature represents authoritative (scholarly) research, is often peer-reviewed, and is intended for other researchers or experts in the discipline to critique or build upon.


Books may be either print or digital. There are also categories of books such as: reference, fiction, non-fiction. In our library, books are organized using the Library of Congress system of classification.  

Audio/Visual Items

Audiovisual resources may be relevant to, or desired for, your research. Search the "Films on Demand" Database for titles and topics. Additionally, other interactive and visual resources are often available, such as digital images and digital lab-simulation applications.

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