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Do you need a monitored testing environment for your online students?  The library staff is happy to help-just follow these instructions:

1.  Complete and submit the FACULTY PROCTORING REQUEST FORM for each library administered test and submit ASAP in the semester. 

All request forms need to be as detailed as possible and include current class rosters. 

We follow your instructions EXACTLY.

Set a testing window and remind students not to wait until the last day-the staff reserves the right to deny testing on days we can't adequately monitor the proctor room and testing floor.    

2.  Make sure your students are aware of the proctoring guidelines and procedures prior to sending them to the library.

  • Students must present a current, valid, photo ID.
  • Students must read and sign an academic honesty policy.
  • Students are required to surrender all personal items/requested items at the desk during testing.  Phones must be turned off; no Bluetooth devices are allowed on person.  No large jackets, blankets or other view obstructing garments are allowed during testing.
  • Students are recorded during testing.  Any failure of recording equipment during the testing session will result in misadministration, the instructor will be contacted and the student will be required to retake the exam. 
  • Suspicious logs will be kept on file for viewing by instructor/administrative staff.

3.  Do not hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns.

The library staff follows the UNC System guidelines for proctoring and do our best to ensure that testing meets SACS goals and high standard of integrity. 

We look forward to meeting your needs.